Video of Emmylou in January of 1970 on The David Frost Show

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Video of Emmylou in January of 1970 on The David Frost Show

Postby Arlene » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:36 am

I've never seen this before- video of a 23 (?) year old Emmylou on the David Frost TV show in January of 1970:
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Re: Video of Emmylou in January of 1970 on The David Frost S

Postby Richard H » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:22 am

That's an astonishing piece of footage Arlene, thanks for letting us know about it. The thing I find most intriguing about it is that at the time Emmylou obviously hadn't yet discovered her own vocal sound, and how unlike Emmylou it sounds (I've never listened to Gliding Bird incidentally). Whilst she could evidently sing, and I mean the following kindly, at that stage she sounds like a wannabe Joni Mitchell /Joan Baez, and isn't as good as either, AT THAT STAGE, AT THAT STYLE (before I get set upon by the forum en masse!) I appreciate the fact that at the time she wanted to be a folk singer and had little interest in country. Thankfully the Emmylou voice that we all love emerged during the Gram years, and what a discovery that must have been for her. It's a lovely little curio, thanks again Arlene.
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Re: Video of Emmylou in January of 1970 on The David Frost S

Postby Mike Rogers » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:34 am

Well, I'm delighted to see this.
I have long held the theory (and I will admit to being in a minority) that Emmylou could have had a successful career without having
encountered Gram Parsons and I would use this footage to support my case.
She looks and sounds good, especially for someone in the late stages of pregnancy. Her style is derivative but most singers are like that in the
early days. I has intrigued to see her using a thumb pick - I've never seen her use one before. I've always thought her guitar playing was under-rated
and we see her having a very competent style in the folk idiom.

She's always been very dismissive of the Gliding Bird album but the fault, imo, was pretty unsympathetic, at times, dire production and backing.
6 out of the 10 songs were originals (one by Slocum, 5 by herself) which is quite demanding for the potential record buyer. I reckon there's half a decent
and if some good pickers had been used...

But the record didn't sell and her marriage collapsed - and the rest is history.

By the way the correct title if Fugue For The Fox.
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