Major Walter Harris USMC in Korea

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Major Walter Harris USMC in Korea

Postby Rick » Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:30 pm

I don't know if this is something that will interest anyone else on the Forum, but I wanted to share with you a new book that I've just come across that includes first-hand details of Maj Harris' experiences as a POW in the Korean War. I myself have a strong interest in the Korean War because my father was also in Korea during the war, serving with the US 7th Cavalry Regiment there from the time they landed at Pohang-dong in July 1950 until he rotated out in April 1951 (Dad had been with the 7th Cav in Japan since 1947, and while he was in Korea my mother was living in Tokyo with my sister and I, aged 3 months and 15 months when Dad went to Korea).

The book is written by Raymond B. Lech and is entitled Tortured Into Fake Confession: The Dishonoring of Korean War Prisoner Col. Frank H. Schwable, USMC, and, while the primary focus is on Col Schwable, who, as the title indicates, was psychologically tortured ("menticide") into making a false confession of involvement in germ warfare, the book also includes description of Maj Harris' experiences with similar treatment, although Maj Harris steadfastly refused to sign any confession and his conduct as a POW was later held up as an example in the US Fighting Man's Code. This book is not pleasant reading, but it offers insight into the tragedy of this situation, and certainly raises the question of "what would I have done?"

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